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Men Therapy Session

Ada Andrist, LCPC

There are a lot of different reasons someone decides to see a therapist. Most people know life is not going the way they thought it would and know what they want to do differently. Change is difficult and wanting change and changing what we know would improve our lives is harder than it sounds. I work with people to learn how to make effective changes and to improve relationships with self and others, and to develop skills to manage life effectively.  People are doing the best they can in life, and they can do better. In order to accomplish this, people need to learn skills to be more effective in handling what life brings. I work with people to step into life and approach new situations and improve current situations. I work with parents to improve their skills in raising their children to be successful in life. I work with families to communicate effectively and adjust to the changes that occur in life. I work with people to adjust to changes in life skillfully, and teach skills for acceptance and change.  I teach mindfulness skills to be able to live in the moment effectively.  My goal in therapy is to help you to reach your goals in therapy.